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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lost is Found

Praise the Lord...I found my can opener!

You cannot imagine what my last week has even been like without a can opener...I kept thinking of all these things I wanted to do but couldn't without a can make baked beans with the bone in ham I got on sale. (Do you know how many cans you have to open to make a roaster full of baked beans...LOTS!) I finally regressed to using a bottle opener to make triangles and then carefully pry back the top. It was dangerous work for sure!

I could have sworn I had a camping can opener but could I find it...nope. So we altered our meals and I tried to be patient while the new one I ordered was being processed.

But today, I was in the bathroom doing Abi's hair and low and behold, right there at the back of the toilet lay the can opener!

How did my can opener get behind the guess. Yep, a crafty little one year old who likes to play with Mommy's kitchen gadgets!

Well, at least now I'll have a back up can opener!
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