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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Second Day of Christmas

I'm late posting these pictures, but it has been a full day!  Check our our Old Fashioned Butter post for more details!

Not only were we working on butter today, but we also cleaned out the closet under the stairs so that Marion could use the crawl space beneath the house...WHAT A MESS!  But at least it is all nice and clean now!

So, here was our 2nd Day of Christmas gifts:

Nathan got to go first today!

He chose another Dinosaur!
(Don't ask me what Abi was doing in the background...*roll eyes*)

Next was Jonny...he went digging again!

And came out with a light up squishy toy!

Ethan's Turn

Daddy helped him pic the Chenille Sticks...
we made a monkey and then a fish and he played all morning!

Finally it is Abi's turn

She chose her second horse!
Here are a few shots from the kids playing:

The person and the monkey playing

Abi's horses hugging

here you can see the monkey fishing

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